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Grow your global player community through fast, compliant verification that eliminates fraudulent activity. Our solutions are designed to optimise user onboarding while maintaining strict compliance standards, enabling gaming companies to strike the perfect balance between user convenience and regulatory requirements in France.

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Verified players from across the globe are welcomed onboard. Enhance the user experience to encourage more players to join.

Keep both pass rate and revenue at a high level. Ensure verification is timed correctly in accordance with the user journey.

Ensure compliance with rules and regulations while preventing fraud. Create a positive reputation with regulators, partners, and clients.

Step Up Your Security: A Guide to Identity Protection for Online Gamers

The gaming sector acknowledges the importance of identity authentication, particularly in cases where age verification is required for customers who are not physically present. To ensure the prevention of identity theft and the unauthorized access of underage individuals to age-restricted video games, it is crucial for gaming companies to incorporate comprehensive identity verification solutions within their existing systems. By implementing such solutions, various forms of fraud, including identity, device, location, and activity-based fraud, can be effectively detected, thereby mitigating risks and safeguarding against fraudulent activities.

Here are some approaches to verifying identity in specific scenarios:

Initiating the onboarding process for a new client:
When commencing the onboarding process for a new client, it is essential to employ robust identity verification measures. These may include requesting official identification documents, such as passports or driver's licenses, and verifying their authenticity through advanced verification technologies.

Handling credit card payments:
When dealing with credit card payments, it is crucial to implement stringent identity verification protocols to prevent fraudulent transactions. This can be achieved by implementing address verification systems (AVS) to confirm the billing address provided by the cardholder matches the information on file with the issuing bank.

Accessing age-restricted content:
In the case of accessing age-restricted material, it is important to have effective age verification mechanisms in place. Advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning can aid in analyzing user behavior patterns to determine the likelihood of accurate age information.

Online Gaming
Player Onboarding
Player Onboarding That Is Quick
Abiding by the Law
Abiding by the Law
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Cost-Effective ROI

Minimize Compliance And Fraud Risks

Ensure the protection of your organization's financial security and standing by proactively thwarting fraudulent behavior. KYC France offers a range of secure verification procedures that guarantee adherence to regulatory standards and provide comprehensive defense against various types of fraud.

Quickened user registration

Enhance the efficiency of your customer onboarding procedure by leveraging the advanced identity verification technologies offered by KYC France. By doing so, you can effectively minimize user dissatisfaction and the occurrence of abandoned accounts, ultimately resulting in cost savings on marketing efforts and safeguarding the retention of newly acquired customers.